Dear WenX users,

For integrating the advantageous resources and providing premium services for our users, and fitting for the brand globalization strategy, WenX Exchange will officially merge with MKEX to apply for the license to operate cryptocurrency exchange in Malaysia. In order to complete all the processes in accordance with the requirements of the law in the host country, WenX will carry out maintenance of the entire exchange from September 21, 2022 and will implement several changes, specific information is as follows:

During the maintenance process, the specific arrangements are as follows:

Platform integration and maintenance process: WenX will officially enter the process of maintaining the entire system from September 21, 2022; WenX website and app will not be accessible and all not withdrawn spot assets held by users will continue to remain on the platform after the maintenance is over.

The Completion of the maintenance process: After the maintenance process is completed, users do not need to create a new account, but must re-execute KYC according to the new standard procedures;

WenX will still calculate the amount of WENXT airdrops during the maintenance period and continue to perform airdrops to participating users.

Wenx is looking forward to a stronger future with the collaboration with MKEX and strives to improve the quality of services more and more!

Thank you for your support of WenX!

尊敬的 WenX 用户,

为了更好的整合优势资源,向用户提供更优质的交易服务,以及顺应平台全球化发展战略并顺利申请马来西亚经营加密货币交易所的牌照,WenX 决定与 MKEX 进行战略合拼。WenX 将于 2022年09月21日 起,启动交易平台的合并维护工作。


一、平台合拼维护阶段: WenX 将于 2022年09月21日 起正式进入整个系统的合拼维护工作; WenX 网站及应用程序将无法访问,用户持有的所有未提现的现货资产,在维护结束后将会继续保留在平台内。

二、平台合拼维护结束: 平台合拼维护过程结束后,用户无需创新新账户,但必须按照最新的标准程序重新执行 KYC;

WenX 将会计算 WENXT 在维护期间的空投数量并且继续执行空投给参与的用户。

WenX 期待与 MKEX 的合作,共同创造更美好的未来,并努力提高服务质量!

感谢您对 WenX 的支持!